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In an earlier life (1990-2000) if you had heard my name it will most likely have been in the context of Club DJ and Producer, (attempting to) make music as Conspiracy to Supply or through my work promoting and managing London’s now Legendary Dance Club, the mighty Strawberry Sundae.



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To be fair this is how I appeared to most, silhuetted by the awesome laser show at the Mighty Strawberry Sundae @ Cloud 9 Albert Embankment.

I was involved with London’s underground house & trance scene during the mid to late 90′s, as one of the infamous Strawberry Sundae Resident DJ team, – tasked with leading the party from the front :) …Whether still rocking the faithful at 10am New Years Day, after already playing 4 sets throughout the previous night, or defying the Management & Security and playing way past closing time every single week, we tried very hard to make sure that no-one out-partied the Strawberry residents!

My own taste was for funky (breakbeat lead) bassline-driven, euphoric pumping house & trance was known for one thing.. and for quality control!. Tunes didn’t get played because they were the latest thing, or because some promotion company had sent it out, they ONLY got airtime if they had the funk. The motto was always “Killers – Not Fillers..”

These days without the pressure of specialisation in one area I have the time for a much wider range of music, inc house, drum n bass, electro and of course, breakbeat.

I guested at various clubs all over London and the South East including SW1, The Leisure Lounge, Bagleys, Turnmills, The Chunnel, Grays, EC1, The Zap (Brighton with Paul Oakenfold) & World Dance. I travelled internationally to various locations including Ibiza, France, Spain & Portugal, in particular playing the newly emerging Rave scene, pioneered by X-Club Productions, in Portugal.

I was involved in arranging the taking of Strawberry Sundae to Es Paradis in Ibiza in 1999 but ultimately left the company before the summer season began to pursue other opportunities.

I caught the music bug after hearing Froggy’s groundbreaking Saturday night mixes (done by splicing tape) and was soon routing hifi separates through a Maplins battery powered sound mixer in 1987 to avoid gaps in tapes.

I caught the acid-house bug in the Balearics in 1989 & first started DJing hardcore after attending the legendary “Telepathy” & “Ibiza” raves in East london in the early 90′s. We then ran a series of what became legendary parties at my home in Plumstead SE London. ..Those that know will always remember ;)

My first break came when I met a DJ (Mick Clark in the Warehouse, Maidstone) who was opening his own club in (Atomics) and was soon a resident there at such luminary house nights as Southern Exposure, run by the then promotors of London’s Club UK.

As the music evolved so did my style, a blend of bassline driven euphoric house & trance, with as much breakbeat in it as possible.

I met & got along well with the World Dance Team & Brighton’s Helter Skelter and soon played for both these teams, in the VIP party @ World Dance, and taking over after the mighty Paul Oakenfold @ the legendary Zap club. I also played quite a bit in Portugal for their premier Dance Organisation “X-Club” during this time.

Then it was time to move on, joining the infamous & mighty Strawberry Sundae’s resident DJ team on fortnightly rotation at London’s most meteoric dance club, where I quickly got dragged into the challenging but rewarding task of running and management of the club.

During this period I regularly guested at the majority of London clubs including Sunnyside Up (SW1, Cloud 9, Leisure Lounge) Bagleys, Grays, Turnmills, The Dungeon and many more. See Flyers pages for a more complete list.

I was also involved with music production under the guise of Conspiracy to Supply at my own studio, Conspiracy Studios and collaborated on several booties.

..If anyone remembers the string of Strawberry Sundae ads that ran on Kiss FM in the late 90′s, …these were all produced in Conspiracy Studios… “OI OI, SAVELOY!!” :)

If you’re interested check the Club Flyers Page for an idea of my long service to the dance music scene and the many colourful characters I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, working, playing and becoming friends with. DJs as diverse as Trancemeister Jon the Dentist through to the current rising breakbeat star Ben Braund of Braund Reynolds.
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The site has video of Space & Ibiza on it, and for any of the old crew reading this, there’s some 9 year old video footage of Strawberry Sundae on there too :)


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Conspiracy to Supply arent recording anymore, but we have put a few of our faves up as we still get requests for them from time to time (up to 10 years later!) Stargate was released in 97, the other 3 tracks remained as exclusive acetates or limited white label runs played out by yours truly & a select few other DJs.

The tracks are available to download free. I also intend putting more exclusive tracks onto for download in the near future. some of our recording studio pals are still about too, check them out