Kevsta 2012

by kevsta on February 11, 2012

Ok so in keeping with the fine and appropriately slack tradition of 1 post per year so far on my personal blog (this one) – I just wanted to point out that this site now seems to be Google’s authority on “Kev Grant” (and rightly so) as defined by the sitelinks (screenshot)

kevsta sitelinks

respect ma authoritaii!!

..and is also at #2 for “Kev Ibiza” with only IMDB’s “Kevin & Perry” to get past. ..which considering there is now a grand total of 1 link to this site showing on the tools, is doing ok.

Still nowhere near for “Kevsta” though, where my MySpace (so 2007) ┬áis still representing nicely in #1, so that’ll be this years project, sitelinks for “kevsta” too, with zero links.

see you in 2013.. ;)

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