Ibiza is a great place to live. I first came here some 23 years ago in 1984, and stayed in Portinatx with a friend for 2 weeks. The island was very different back then, and the high-speed coach drive out of Portinatx through the mountains along what seemed like almost unmade roads at time felt like an adventure all in itself.

The Ibiza dance scene was obviously not global at that point although even then the music had it’s own distictive Balearic vibe, which spawned Balearic House as it later came to be known. My friend and I visited Ku when it was just a smallish club with an outdoor the (same) swimming pool in the middle. Niki Lauder was in there at the time.

I’ve since been back here another 10 times over that 22 year period culminating in full on emigration April 07 after spending 7 months here in 2006.

In some ways the island has changed hugely in that time, but I suppose that’s inevitable, (and in the case of most of the roads, definitely for the better :) but the things I first loved about the place are still the same.

Thankfully, probably due in most part to the Ibiza Greenheart movement and the strong artist / hippy contingent that have been here since the 60′s the planning laws have prevented most of the sprawling concrete monstrosities that Mallorca has been blessed with and most of the Islands amazing beauty is still intact.

And surprisingly, even to me, that’s what I love about the island above all else, it’s stunning natural beauty. Let me put this in perspective, I’m generally not really a scenery person, I’m usually a take it or leave it kind of person about views, sunsets, churches and all the rest of it, but it’s the colours here that just blow me away. There’s hardly a day passes where you don’t round some corner and have to just stop, staring open-mouthed at it. Seriously, I kid you not.

Threre’s a different kind of light here that just makes the place look like something out of The Celestine Prophecies, almost like how you’d picture the Garden of Eden would look.

It’s this special light that’s made the place such a hit with the artists throughout the years, normal boring things often just look amazing, like they’ve used some kind of vibrant freaky colour palette from the future.

I also love the general tolerance and friendliness from the locals, who have no doubt seen it all a million times before and yet are still welcoming. The island still has quite a hippy vibe in places, with all kinds of freaks and eccentrics out in the mountains, living self sufficently, growing anything they need, there are oranges and lemons on the trees right throughout the winter. And newborn lambs in December.

Which brings me to the weather :) Obviously it gets hot which is how I like it, but better than that, it doesnt really get cold. Average winter day temperatures are 15-18 C and it’s pretty bad day if it gets down to 8 C.

The weather doesnt mess about here either, like the colours, it’s usually intense. None of that grey drizzly nondescript grimness for months on end. If it’s going to rain, it does it, hard. Sometimes very very hard. Storms blow in, tear the place apart, throw everybody’s boats up the beach, rip all the sails off people’s sun terraces and blow them into the distance, and then are gone again in 2 hours, back to beautiful clear blue skies again.

No messing about.


12 places that make Ibiza very special in my eyes, in no particular order except trying to make the pics look nice. If the images are click-able there are more pictures within.

Es vedra Ibiza Sol den Serra Ibiza sa trinxa ibiza benirras sunset ibiza
Sunset Ashram, Cala Comte Ibiza bora bora ibiza Space Terrace Ibiza talamanca sunset ver ibiza old town
Aguas Blancas Beach Ibiza atzaro pool eco san joan ibiza kev pool nov

IBIZA – history

I’m not much of a historian nor an Ibiza expert, but it seems to me from what I’ve read, that throughout the ages, various peoples, on discovering Ibiza have all loved it, and stayed here.

It’s been the International Party Island of the Mediterranean since the Phoenicians first colonised it, followed by the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Arabs, the Vandals, The Catalans, everybody who came here recognised that this place was special, and most stayed and had a party to celebrate it :)

And that spirit is still strong here. Forget the San Antonio club reps crap, that’s not Ibiza, thats a small part of England annexed off from the rest of us for the purposes of extracting money, that’s not the Islands innate party vibe, where the place just makes you feel like celebrating life. Which lets face it, is how life should be.

You only have to see the Space Terrace on Sunday evening once to know this is true. There are many thousands of clubs worldwide, and Space is consistently voted the best Club in the World. I believe it too.

Before I went there again last summer I was very jaded with clubbing in general. There are a few places I still went, mainly Fabric on Fridays, but Space totally reignited my love of clubbing again in one evening, the atmosphere in there is so electric, people literally travel from all round the world to party in Ibiza, and it shows.

Still, they’ve been doing it for 3000 years and counting, so you’d expect they would be pretty good at it by now ;)

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