Hola! – Welcome to kevgrant.com – v3.0

by kevsta on August 18, 2010

The 3rd (and final) rebuild onto a superior platform (WordPress) and hosting move, so after several years of neglect this now becomes a “personal” blog.  To be honest it will probably still be fairly neglected, but at least wont look so out of date all the time.

It will likely (mainly) get used to say things I can’t say on the various other places I am active on the internet, for one reason or another. You can find some of those sites in the links to the right.

Maybe surprisingly for a pro optimizer ,  I dont want this site ranking for everything and would really prefer that only people who know me come here, that said I do want it found by people looking for me, so cannot just disallow it, hence sitelinks for “Kev Grant” is the main search target plus I suppose it should rank for “kevsta” and probably “kev Ibiza” as well to catch the real slackers who have forgotten surnames.

But as I went round a while back removing every link to it that I could find, this might be a bit tricky to achieve, but lets see what we can do.  Given my job it’s only right really that this become the definite “Kev Grant” and you can all  respect my sitelink authoritai!!

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