About this site

Welcome to my personal website v3.0. The last one was my was long overdue a rebuild, so here it is. – Ages ago I bought the domain name for a laugh and all this time later I cant seem to let it go so I have to do something with it really.

  • So -it’s for old friends to find me again, to be reminded of people and places from the past, and for new friends to be able to look me up when they lose their phones. You know who you are.
  • It’s a site with none of the “restrictions” of theme or “corporate or general public appropriateness” that I sometimes have to abide by in other places,  although to be fair I’m not really big on all that bollocks anyway.
  • Its somewhere to show older stuff & pictures to all my friends who remember those people, times & and places, and so it doesn’t vanish altogether into vague memories.

I hope you enjoy it. But those who know me, will know I dont really care, mainly  it just needed re-writing it again  … and no-one really comes here anyway.

So I’d like to give a big shout out to everyone who’s mattered over the last 20 years, …if your name’s not down… …well, you know how slack I am and whether I would let you in or not ;)

So in alphabetical order because I know what you’re like.

Ada, Alex, Andy. Andy M, Ali, Angela, Angus, Barbara, Bec, Ben, Benoit (Zorro) Beardie, Beero, Blagger, Bosca, Brad, Braundie, Burnsie, Catherine, Cathy, Chloe, Claire, Clarissa Conan, Corrina, Dad, Damon, Dan, Daniel, Darren, DeWayne, Dave (Barratt) Dominic, Donnas A, P & V, Duncan, Debs, Drew, Eddie, East Ham Paul, Gary P, Gemma, Georgina, Ginge, Gordon, Hannah, Hedfoniqz, Helen, Henry, Jacqui, Jasper, Jax, Jay, Jemima, Jo, Jon the Dentist, Kadi, Kathmandu, Katie Pinkhat – KDot , Kate, Kelly, Kelly & Kelly, Kim, Letita, Lily, Louise D & P, Lena, Luca, Magda, Mick Clark, Michaela, Mo, Moe, Monkey, Monkton, Mum, Nessie, Nick, Nuno, Oliver, Orion, Paul,  Pauline, Pete (again) Rick, Rita, Rizla, Roger, Rom, Ruth, Sarah, Scott, Silvia, Sis, Simon, Skin, Smithy, Steve, Streda, Suzanne, Tanya, Tibs, Titch, Tom, Troy, Vicky, Vivien, Watford Gary, Zoe, Zofia.

Respect to you all.


..and recently introduced, on the shit-list – Mike Norman


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